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Gameserver: MTA Server

Age: 15 (13 September, 16 years old)

Country of origin: The Nederlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi, i'm Bjorn. I would like to be admin on the MTA server of Mr.Green. I play there for al long time. The MTA server are funny. Without the cheaters, hackers. Cheaters and hackers are kicking from the server. Without cheaters and hackers is the sever funny and great!!

I'm on Mr. Green (Dutch Forum) on 2007. I play Gta-sa, Gta IV, CSS. My name on Mr. Green is "Godlike". I was Admin on a SA-MP server (9z role playing).

So, done..


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Bad english, sorry...



So if you don't speak English that good, you are unable to become Admin?

communication! if someone is an english man and start to speak to you in his brittish tea and scones! Now, i've teached you everything i know!

I think this site will manage just fine with some other languages aswell :)

Synes ikke dere at det er bra for forumet da? :D

Da f

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