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Jamaica Mod Application


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Gameserver:Race and mix


Country of origin:Turkey

Discord name **:Baran Çetin#9569

Ingame name:Jamaica or poppointhermthings

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be mod: First of all My Name is Baran I am 16 years old.  ı spent 4 years on the server. Why do I want to be mod because,I see that light in myself.I'm applying to be a mod based on that. When i am on the server not authorized persons.almost everyday on the server There's a lot of insult There are those who swear at people's mothers including me. And the authorized people don't look at them I'm tired  of this situation. Authorized people; either not on the server, Or they become afk. The race server does justice. I'd appreciate it if  you'd consider what ı said. That's all I have to say.

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6 hours ago, HITMAN25 said:

i m playing on server from 2014 i still believe that i m not eligible may be mentally i am eligible but my behaviour is not that good among other players so please add more info for why you want be mod and give more information about yourself ITS A MOD APPLICATION NOT A JOKE 

I'il pay attention. Thanks

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