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  1. HITMAN25

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    GIVEME MY DAMN VIP Hitman map name: SH - Calkala, RTF - Only Infernus Also I love Cena very best owner of this server and i like to eat cows.
  2. HITMAN25

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    Personally i feel that mr green is having more than enough active admins and to be honest there are literally 4 to 5 players who keep repeating their mistakes and admins punish them plus i want to know the number of fair decision sandro made till now. other than that i really dont like him so its a big from my side thank you.
  3. HITMAN25

    moderator app

    Good luck miss
  4. HITMAN25

    Shooter Sunday

    AoS|[email protected] , mega jump
  5. HITMAN25

    NiceMikes' administrator appliciation

    arent you admin? well if not good luck boi
  6. HITMAN25

    Rate the song above you!

    7/10 https://youtu.be/WNeLUngb-Xg
  7. HITMAN25

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    well something was wrong with my router so i changed it and may be after 20 days i will change my isp so my ping will be like 130 to 140 thank you
  8. HITMAN25

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    ok lock the server for 150 ping players with 150+ ping wont be able to play
  9. HITMAN25

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    if my ping is this much i will leave server lol
  10. HITMAN25

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    so how much is it its 150 to 155
  11. HITMAN25

    When will you ban Hitman? 2.

    well if i m getting 2 sec delay then its probably a disadvantage for me lol and yea wt you mean i get ez top lol
  12. HITMAN25

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    dude see his last sentence
  13. HITMAN25

    Toxic and blocker boyka

    i said you that its not his 1st time but you replied " for me he insulted for the first time so 30 min is enough". so you should have seen my point rather than giving this irrelevant excuse. i m not saying you are not doing ur job but consider things while i report you
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