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Yes i remember Demolition Derby from FO2, its a great game. But i don't think it could be implemented in MTA as the engine plays huge role in how cars behave as u can't really script that at all. In San Andreas it  looks very poor compared to FlatOut where crashing into each other is very effective and is also fun while in SA it looks more like 2 child crashing into each other in shopping carts and is not really fun.

But the idea is good, maybe new gamemode where main goal is to eliminate other racers while racing to the finish. With no respawns and ppl should be rewarded for dealing damage to others more than finishing the race, because it would be just another race mode. It would of course require specific maps and a lot of scripting, give vehicles more durabilty because they seem to be made of out carton and get destroyed too easily, and whatnot.

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