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Thats really bored me :/


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Yes, Civan provoked me again today, And there was someone cursing in the chat and And I told him to mute him up.

But he said reverse answers to me.

Because in my slightest insult, he threw mute for 30 minutes.

I'm really bored of this again I'm guilty

I enjoy playing on this server, but it disturbs my taste

I hope it will be done or I'm really planning to quit, he always mock my age and throwing mute for nothing.



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I’m so sad for you right now.Lemme explain what happened. New Turkish players joined to server and they were clearly friends cuz they were inviting them to discord. But also they insulted each other too. And I warned them. Panzer wanted me to mute these players. And I said they are just new players and they don’t know rules. He still wanted me to mute them and I said him to shut up and he didn’t do it. So I muted him. 



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