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    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    Give me VIP!! Map Name : RTF-Papatka, NTS-Line in sand
  2. Sandro

    Weedyman punishes me

  3. Sandro

    just curious

  4. Sandro

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    Contact me for full screenshot Being map manager i think requires high skills on choosing right maps for different tastes of players, i'm not a ''follow checkpoint player'' but looks ridiculous for me if someone make changes with his own hands for a group of players which are used to play with our maps, of course we will have new maps but you cannot change originaI maps like Pachangas or Fantomican yoshis i was grown with these maps and i won't let a guy join us and deletes them because he is struggling to win them, about screenshot you don't have to be negative dont't liking SH okay i understand you but this doesn't mean you have to say such a word c'mon man Map Manager role is way important than other roles. I don't know race server as much as Mix but for sure maps will get worse if your hands ''Dive On'' -1
  5. Sandro

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    Every thing i did for mrgreen is for good i don't tolerate none. I don't want to gain powers to use them for my advantages but to use them when needed and don't liking me is kinda personal i think this is how i see it, thank you for your opinion
  6. Game: Mix & Race Age: 21 Country of origin: Albania Discord name **: Danger_She_Wrote #2967 In-game name:Sandro Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I have been with Mr Green for around 8 years. I spend almost 8-10 hours every day on the servers, sometimes AFK but I check it through discord and if I cannot do anything I talk to online moderators/admins to take action. I play every day and I’m trying my best to keep the balance of both servers by punishing insulters and many rulebreakers. In this Pandemic situation that everything is closed, I have more time to spend in this server by monitoring my activity 24/7 . This means that I can help in doing the occasional server admin things, you know mutting spammers , banning cheaters etc. I know how all that works and in the past I have shown that I used those powers only when needed. I usually play more during night time , when most of admins are away and there are some times when new players join and don't know how to register + there are those naughty players who change their name to insult the others and mute command can't do anything for them. P.S. -GK doesn't make you a bad person
  7. Sandro

    Pictures of thyself

    Captain Pepsi !!!
  8. Sandro

    Witchy Administrator Appliciation

    Good luck Poznan
  9. Sandro

    Which country are you from?

    That's true every 1km we have churches. Romania have access to much faster internet than most of the US.” According to dospeedtest.com, Romania has a peak internet speed of 58.7 Mbps, which makes it the 7th nation with fastest internet in the world, compared to the US where peak connection speeds are about 48.8 Mbps, placing it 17th. Moreover, Romania consumes more internet on an average than any European country, having a monthly traffic of 91 GB for fixed broadband lines.
  10. Sandro

    Mix Clan War #5

    No MR. No Cw
  11. Sandro

    CTF, DL and MH

    CTF is okay MH should be deleted immediately especially with laggers there is no weapon in game that can kill them waste of time 5 minutes. Some players are camping at repair pickup they are "untouchable". Dl- can be improved deadline basically is killing fps if you can reduce size or glowing i don't know but it must be fixed
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