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1. Your ingame name


2. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why)

DDoS, abusing admin rights, insulting.

3. Reason why we should unban you

Because why not? It's almost year since I am banned if not more. I admit my guilt I did some fucked up things but I am not like a "problem guy" to "sit in a virtual prison". I lost my reputation between players and on forums, most likely lost my account, I just want to be able to visit this community I've been a big part of from time to time.


Serial: CF0BF665ECDDDE5FF7AB2C445D7C1394

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So how do you mean we should trust you? When you use your PC competence as a weapon towards many innocent humans, cuz in fact, many people gets to suffer, why wouldnt you be able to do it next time you disagree or something you just dont get along with? I see this all too sudden to believe its even a honest attempt to get unbanned. You didnt show (afaik) any regret so far, so i agree with that MTA dude telling you to wait with your appeal. A DDoS isnt just a break of our rules, it forces everyone timing out, and thats an big issue, as we all (even you as it sounds like according to your topic) want Mrgreen alive. This isnt raising the average playerscale at all.


Edit: Its sad to see u doing all this shit, you have been such a good soul for Mrgreen over the years.

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You don't regret, and then you ask why you were banned and that u didnt do nothing. ''Haha its all just jokes'' and then start over again etc.

That kind of talk might be cute over at the smarmy discord and steam groups you've been hanging around with wes and mad for a couple of years, but out here you're just achieving absolute cunthood. In fact you'd be embarassed at yourself right now if the aleks from 10 years ago saw what you were up to now. And with wes nihilism and such, there's no solid argument being made, he's no big philosopher backing up your actions and even if he made a point he didn't, for him the internet is a big extension of nothingness and sweaty meatspace is cool (rofl good luck with that), if that at all ofc cuz it all could just be interchangeable sophism. So look at how much the ZS server guys regret their server going away and sponge it in, but you wanna be tragic and sponge it in 20 years in when you have kidney problems from drinking, and wes has flipped into a permanent high.

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7 hours ago, ToxicGarbage said:

As I said - goodbye ;)

Sorry for investing my time into this community


Yes yes and two minutes later on discord you say you regret it, and then cycle repeats. You're such a dramatard... global mta ban is on for another 2 months, here you're unbanned. Obviously folks out there are gonna be even less receptive to your ''jokes'' so take a break, relax and stop copying the darth vader spergfest personas you found on discord and steam.

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