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again same guys blocking


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3 hours ago, Stig said:

from the pics i dont see sandy blocking cus hes racing (close postion) with you but peki is 100% blocking i will mark him blocker when he come online ..... i will close the post after i mark him 

He already got 24h from my first topic ...

now he deserve 3 days..

if it was me I get permanent ban from berg 

but what i can say just LOL

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I will mark them both for a longer period of time. 


Now whether Job started or not. He is the one reporting. If he started as you guys claim. Then you guys should report him and not take revenge with your own hands. Once you have taken revenge with your own hands and Job decides to report you guys. He is the one in favor. If you want Job to get punished for blocking (He is already muted so no trash talking I assume). Then simply take screenshotsss when he is and provide it here and the admin team will take care of it. 


I hope I am clear, have a good day 

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