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Phil's Admin Application


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Gameserver: Mr Green's Garry's Mod Servers (Zombie Survival)

Age: 15

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Steam Nickname: nublin Phil (Yes, as your terms say if I get added to the team I will leave the clan.)

Little something about your self:

Hi I'm Phil, I'm currently at school in year 10 hoping to do well and get a good career (like everyone else I hope.)

I spend quite a lot of my time web and graphic designing and going on your servers, they just stand out from the rest.

I was born and raised in the UK so my english is very fluent and I have hardly any grammar or spelling mistakes.

I'm currently making some very basic maps in Source SDK and hope to submit some maps here soon.

I mostly spend my leisure time web designing, playing GMod and chatting to friends on steam.

Why you think you're fit to be admin:

I've had a long time experience in Garry's Mod and ZS.

I know a lot of the players well and they know me.

I have a lot of spare time to check the servers.

I think about the actions I make before I do them.

I am a friendly player, I don't go mad or bitch to people if I die for example.

I help any new people with any information they need.

I have never abused any powers given to me (I have been forum administrator and moderators and have never abused at all.)

I go on the servers every day for long periods of time.

I play both ZS and IW.

Edit: Added and edited a few things.

Edited by Phil
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Whats do you mean with:"I've had a long time experience in Garry's Mod and ZS." How long is that?

To be honest you are a more quiet player.

So i dont know you very well.

To be an admin means to entertain other players.


The answer to the post below me : i still think its very important to do that , i wouldn't like a very quiet admin.

I like servers with friendly admin's who can laugh about jokes and so on and i dislike

robotic admins who just know how to kick and ban people.

You can't change my opinion about this topic.

No offense VforV!

I just want to let you know what i am thinking and i hope you respect that ;)

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To be an admin means to entertain other players.

No it doesn't.

To be an admin means to avoid things can get out of hand. I don't play on ZS atm, so I won't say if he's a good candidate or not, but maybe it's good that he is a bit quiet, so the people that are normally being annoying, untill an admin enters the server, can be 'caught'.

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Now youre going into the wrong direction.

i didnt meant it that way.

But should make sure to converse with some people if they like to and not block them with an fast answer.

Hmm maybe the word entertainment is going a little bit too far i guess?

Maybe i should call it "Conversationfriendly"?

And of course the highest priority of an admin is to keep an eye on the server! I totally agree,Bootervloot.

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I wouldn't say I'm a quiet player there are just times when I focus on the game and don't tend to get into conversation that much.

I do chat to the people on the server most of the time I guess you just haven't noticed it.

Edited by Phil
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And of course the highest priority of an admin is to keep an eye on the server

I think that should answer your question.

But i still say that i like "conversationfriendly" admins more than quiet ones.

I am not the one who choose who gets an admin or not, but at least i want to show you my opinion about this application and i think everybody should do that.

If many people like phil or know him well... then there is no problem for me.

"My opinion , not the opinion of everybody." I think its pretty cool to discuss with you guys about that topic.

Many friends of mine are thinking like me and thats why i think the same way. (i guess)

I cannot say always good things about everybody when i want to be honest, so i am sorry phil.

Maybe i'll come to know you better in the next weeks but until then...

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As a guest on servers, I feel Admins should be recruited for the reason Hundred2 specified:

To make shure every player has a good time: by kicking idiots and haxxors and being friendly to everyone.

However, I don't see why people shouldn't be considered for Admin just because they are "quiet"

It seems pointless to reject possible Admins just because they are quieter than yourself or other Admins for that matter.

Surely taking on the role of maintaining the server(s) is better than none, am I right?

Edited by pRince
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OK to make it clear.

I've just said :He's a quiet player so i dont know him very well.

I've never said : Oh look at this guy he's so quiet. I hate him!(and of course this sentence is exxagerated,pRince ;) )

Have I made myself clear?

pRince, i've never said things like that.

Phil is not glitching,he is not flaming ,he is not whining.

so beeing quiet can be positive ,too.

And before i mess everything up in this app, i'll gag myself now and won't spam the app anymore.

I'll listen to the other members as of now.

EDIT about the post below mine:

Nah dont get me wrong . I am not angry at all. i really liked the discussion with you, pRince!

We should do this again some time (or not ;D )

Edited by Chainsawman17
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but at least i want to show you my opinion about this application and i think everybody should do that.

At the end of the day it's not my decision and I'm sure your system is great when it comes to accepting Admins, take no notice of me lol

Edit: Just read the post above and noticed you edited,

Your a cool guy Chainsawman and I'm glad we could have a discussion without killing each other in the process :)

Edited by pRince
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You can't really know the real behaviour of a player just by seeing him on the server.

I said the "real" because you're not obliged to display your IRL attitude and many people just have a "virtual" behaviour.

Me-to tell an example-I'm shy and not talkative IRL but I speak friendly on the web etc...

So you can't say that you "know" someone here, unless you know him IRL.Everyone has a different opinion.

Concerning Phil, I saw him sometimes playing on the server, he is a bit quiet as some said above, but it can be a good point...or a bad.

We should let the decision to Topcrew, they will see ;)

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Nublin.Phil would make a very good admin thank you he is a respectabl player and has funa nd never makes any arguements with players. He has been playing quite alot

actually cause i hav known him for not a huge time but its not experience that counts

its how u are liked by other players so....

good luck phil hope u get it :D i need to make mine to :3


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Phil is a great guy. Sure hes a bit quite sometimes- but hes very funny and doesnt bullshit anyone. The Alliance of PEIL is an example of how social he is (Peon +Phil= PEIl. Nice i know ^^). i would HIGHLY Reconmend him. Hes good for the community- not just the servers.

Another thing to note is he rarely rages. a good attribute in a person i believe.

Good look to you, phil. Please vote for this n00b, it'll make him happy ;D (I'm kidding)


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