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WorkInProgress :) Zs_infected_sewers

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Hi everyone. I made a map for the server because we really need new ones. the map is finished by 10% percent.

I hope i did it well, i tried to recreate a good sewers ambient. There is some env_soundscape with water and distant fight sounds.

Here is some pics...


Work completed at 50% (aprroximative.) :s








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IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE TELL ME. oh, btw it tell me i cant post dynamic images on thread wtfdsuyzg

Use image tags. You can add one by pressing the Insert Image button above your post's textfield.

The map looks quite nice from a design perspective. Make sure it's playable too :)

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hm...dont we have a similar map in the cycle thats called infected sewers :o ?

edit: but still id would be nice to have another one :P ... the formula is : small smaces, lots of buttons, some shity breakable walls and specially TIRES! XD lots of them

Oshi- well... i will rename it :3

Buttons, for what? TRAPS? AckbarStanding.jpg

Tires for propkills, i know ;) i will make moar room and an outdoor area.

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Nice map, I think you should make it that at a random interval the lamps go out and go on again after say 1 minute. That would be funny, because you cant see a thing :lol:

I think it is dark enough now and buttons arent needed. but secret areas are needed, because they are cool :) .

p.s.: Add explosve barrels and oher small props than tires,

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Sure i will add more basements and breakable stuff, traps, secret room and more :)

You seem to be pretty pro at this.

Really? That's the first time someone tell me that. Thanks a lot.

Got any previous maps to show us? :P

Well... i have done my last map 1 year ago, yes that's a long time. And all my others maps SUCKS. :)

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