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Banned Due to Toxic Behaivor.

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  Hi all, I wish you are all good.
   Before yesterday on april 5th, I was banned due to insults towards members of the server (race MTA). I was rude and too harsh against them. It all started when I dissed with someone called "Filipy", the problem was only between us, but when Sandro (modder) came and muted me in the chat. So I was angry and started to insult them all without reflexion.
During this quarantine, I have nothing to do except playing MTA; your server is the best I found so I was playing since months ago, I really enjoyed it. I apologize for this and sorry for what happened.
my ingame name was EMINEM.
serial: D01DA879B5EB866CA7A4F3C9B138A053
IP: (Hidden by staff)

Banned by: Hax


Edited by Haxardous
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Your name wasn't "EMINEM" it was "sandro_filipy=bitches" and you've been avoiding the moderators command and you've been avoiding your punishment again and again. You'll be unbanned after a 2 weeks and you'll be muted for another 1 week after you get unbanned knowing that the punishment will be doubled if you tried to evade your ban or abusing the Discord bridge chat.

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