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Unban appeal.

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  1.  Your ingame name: [NRS]Mazulyte
  2.  Date of your ban: cant say exactly, but something about 1 month
  3.  What game/server are you banned from: mta-race/mix
  4.  Who banned you (only if you know who): Berg
  5.  Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): Most probably because i had too many mutes over the last couple weeks, of course it was because of the insults. But the last 2 mutes and the permanently ban was because i just discussed to deep in some topics and as well said few things to few admins just to get in fight with them. Yep, i got warned to stop talking but i just ignored that, I am not gonna mention exactly what I said to him before getting the ban (he knows it already) I just provoked him. As well had some thoughts in this one month period what i did wrong and how can i solve it so i won't get in fights. We all were in these kind of situations  when we are doing some bad decision and then we regret it after some time.
  6.  Reason why we should unban you: So instead of mute i just got banned, never had a long mute always getting a ban instead of mute, while other players always getting few weeks mute and not a single day of ban. So i am asking for unban because i am an old mrgreen player and I would like to keep playing the game till I have some time, I believe I can finally write less in the game to people who I should not talk.
  7.  If banned on MTA, post your IP (http://www.myipaddress.com/) and MTA serial, (start MTA -> press F8 -> type serial: C358980ACF9D10F9C7C7281DB6C817A3
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Denied. I dont think you changed your behaviour, from what i have seen so far. This does not feel genuine. Try again later

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