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Game server: garry's mod: Infected wars

Age:14 (almost 15)

Country of origen: The netherlands

Little something about yourself and why you would be fit to be an admin..

My name is Gerben de Jong and I live in a small place called Zeerijp in the netherlands.

Me and my little brother Thomas(13) have been playing IW for over 4 months now. Before that I was playing Half life DM on a french server and my brother playd DipRip. As soon as I bought Gmod and got on the IW server I thought: "WTF is this?!".Buuut my little brother stardet to check it out more and so did I. The first real friend I made on the server was Sacrifical Baby. He showed me some funny exploits (that need to be fixed) and helped me alot (thank you for that ;)). Whe have been playing for over 295 hours now and whe are still not bored, and because of that long period whe know the people that come and go very well. Whe are both very against Farming and from the beginning whe have always tried to stop that. And also against people that use exploits for achievements. I've helped Error 401 with blocking some exploits but it would be bether if I could do that myself. For the rest I want to say that I'm hounest and friendly and that I will always be able to help those that are stuck. I would like to thank the people that have supported me all along: Sacrifical, Error, Hundred and all the other guys on IW and afcourse the people on the Forum ;) .

(Iam sorry if it's not that long but this all I can say right now)


(Little question for Clavus)

Iam working with hammer now and when I have a good map created (might take a while :P )

maybe you can finish it off and put it online on the server?

(Little info about the IW video)

I told you guys I have been working on a little IW video.

I got a little stuck but I'm going to work on it again.

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You don't apply for IW server now,it's just all the Gmod servers (IW+ ZS )

Also you seem a bit young, and your app is a bit short :/

(Well sorry if I'm rude but I I say that in an objective way :V Good luck though )

First : yeah I know that, but I dont really play ZS so that doesnt mather :mellow:

second: I think that young doesnt really mather...and yes it's a bit short I know, but I'm not the kind of guy that speaks with alot of words.

third: Doesnt mather :P.

I understand it, and thank you for the comment.

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Please guys it would be a good choice to make me admin.

People are ruining the game by telling every noob and sucker how to exploit in every single map!

There are (almost) never admins online that can prevent this from happening.

If I would be admin they would probably respect me more and stop doing it (and else I have the right to ban them)

Thank you anyways.

(please do something about it cause it's destroying the game)

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