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n3ziniuka5[Administrator Application]


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Gameserver: Mr. Green MTA#1 | Race | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 17

Country of origin: Lithuania

Hello, my name is Laurynas, but in the server I am known as n3ziniuka5. I am 17 years old. I enjoy playing in Mr. Green Race server, but all the fun is spoiled when a cheater comes and simply teleports to the checkpoints, breaking all the records. I have experience being an administrator. I was an administrator in one SA-MP server and did a really good job. I am very responsible and always think twice before doing something. I am strict, but fair. I spend at least 3 hours in your race server every day. I am polite, mature, and I do not get into conflicts with other players. When I was and administrator in other server, i always heard out the player's side of story and made good and lightning-quick decisions. That is why I would be perfect for this position, thank you.

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