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So unfair

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Ok, I hate it when skilled people keep redeeming over and over again in the same round and it makes it impossible for unskilled players to redeem. Like me, I get so close to redeeming and then every skilled player just takes the rest of the kills. Can you make redeeming limited, maybe like twice a round?

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I hardly ever play ZS but when i do i'm always so close to redeeming and then some guy just kill steals and redeems and I try to kill someone else and then again: kill steal and the only people left are the redeemed guys with their stupid auto-shotty rape.

I know exactly what you mean by this topic but it's not really that anything can be done about it it's just life: "Life is Unfair"

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Its really easy to get brains now.

and if you do 50 damage on a human. you get the assist so if you "nearly killed him (1 hit left) and he gets stolen. you should get a assist.

But i mean, Brains with damage, WIth assists , with RTD. its really easy and that is good because in old ZS it was nearly impossible to redeem if you died in the middle of the round.

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The current systems fine, but I'd say that maybe some kind of redeem queue could be added, so 1 person can redeem like every 30-45 seconds, this way it stops a massive number of people redeeming instantly as a group with shotguns.

With 1 guy redeeming at a time zombies have a chance of killing them and the shotgun is strong enough anyway to take out multiple zombies in 2-3 hits.

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Thats a bad idea. you kill someone and you have a 30 % to get a brain?

That would be frustrating as hell when you keep getting nothing. like !rtd and you explode 20 times in a row

You still get kills but not brains, so it counts as your kill but you need brains to redeem and not kills and ok maybe not 30% maybe 40 or 50.

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I got the "deal with the devil" achievement earlier this evening and it just came soooo fast on me, I think it's the assist system which gives more brains.

So,here is the debate: assist for zombies?

Yes and no, yes because it's useful when you get "ksed" (but sometimes I have the impression only 1 person got the kill even with someone else hitting the human, maybe he just didn't hit him enough) and no because it provides a lot of brains,AND rtd too!

What do you think?

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