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  1. Lekker werreke! Shoukra, wadima qu abewahedu! Achtadel moessef! Hadur! A funny one: Oh nos! Means: ''Sniper!'' Oh, sure I have heard some of those lines, but when moving forward/asking for ammo/health, they speak English with funny russian-ish accent. OKEJ SOREJ
  2. Stupid Obligatory female thief Imperial that steals money.

  3. I'm back!

    1. TechnoNegro


      from here, stalker.

    2. Mr. Darkness
    3. MiF


      Lemoooon :D. Long time no see Finnish mate :)

  4. I steal ur money.

  5. Back to Karkand looks amazing. Edit; I gotta admit, I'm tad bit dissapointed with Russian voiceover, why not let me hear them speak their Native language .
  6. Lemon!


    I died couple of time because I decided to stand around and try to grapple hook with boomerang, mhm mhm. This game is so much fun, espically fooling around with lava.
  7. Because my entire fucking computer got wiped out for greater good.
  8. (Voice) Messy: That Lemondemon is a spy!

  9. ...And I've had this issue recently. Edit; Whenever I lose my connection to steam, I'm able to play. Sohh, re-installing steam. Yep, works.
  10. I'd say it has something to do with the addons, maybe?
  11. Meh, it's only going on Mr.Green servers, I don't think I need to start to download stuff like that :/ (Yes, I'm being lazy as well)
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