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Gameserver: Mr. Green MTA #1 | RACE | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 23

Country of origin: Poland

Little something about yourself and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I like Computer games, Cycling, Voleyball, Football, bla bla bla and beautiful ladies. :D

I would like to be an Admin of this server, becouse sometimes there are some cheaters, and when i announce via IRC about it some other Admins are busy and don't have time for so that's why i make this application.

I have good sense of justice and a good sense of humour so there will be no problems with me.

Oh and I was beta-tester of SA:P ;)


Few years as Admin at GTA:T :P

Few years as Admin at some CS 1.6 servers ;)

And few other games too.


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