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Lazy's Admin application II

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Hello there,

As you may well know, im The Lazy Peon. And i'm here to apply for Admin for Mr. Green Zombie Survival. At the moment, I'm fairly active and thourghly enjoy playing. On this profile, ive clocked up just under Twenty hours of gameplay, But on my friends account, i have spent at least ten hours.

I run the Steam group 'Serial Killers Anonyomous' which is proving to be great fun, and it has inspired me to be an admin of the server (And infected wars too) I would have a very fair sense of justice about me, and i wouldn't 'Admin Abuse'. People who are overly aggressive, mic spammers or cheaters i will ban accordingly.

People in general say i'm easy to talk to, and don't get aggressive towards players. I have played a lot of video games, and multi-player games, So i know how to talk to people and help them out. I'm always the first to tell new players how to pick up weapons, change zombie class etc. So i think I'm good in that respect. I'm fairly well known on the server, and get at least five hellos every time i come online.

Another thing that i would do is keep active. Both on the forums, and in-game. I see admins as people who talk often, make people laugh and can offer advice to new players. I have bad experiances of Admins on other servers ignoring frequent requests. I know how important the voice of the people is, and at the end of the day, they are the ones who going to playing the game. I Also have a Micraphone, which enables me to chat to people informaly, as well as via text.

My goal in being an admin to make the game more enjoyable and fair. Not a place were new players are called Noobs and shunned by the more hardcore community.

Although: there is one minor set back: I'm 14 years old. However, i will be 15 in April 2010. But i do have an idea. Until then, i could be an Admin Apprentice. And when April comes, change my title to full Admin. I'm here to learn, and will take on board any comments put forward.

And that's about it. Please leave any feedback here, or on my Steam Profile: The Lazy Peon.

Thank you all very much, and I hope to see you soon.



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Hmm. People sure want to be admin. But yes, you would be a nice admin. You never rage (At least I haven't seen so...yet) And you are pretty funny fellow.

You help other players, you are communicative, friendly and so on.

So yes, a nice admin you would be indeed. Good luck on the application :D

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Nice guy.

Talks a lot.

Doesn't really 'rage'


30 hours isn't a very long time playing on the server considering the play time of others.

Age may be a slight problem, I haven't heard of 'Admin Apprentices'

Not very active on forums. (I know that's nothing to do with ingame behavior or anything, but it's nice to be known by members of the community who don't play ZS(a lot))

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