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Hi guys

Normally I NEVER do Ban requests. I don’t want to snitch and get people banned, but today is an exception. This kid MetehanPasa already has a few ban requests on his name, but only got muted for a week. Now, I normally ignore toxic people, but this is just getting out of hand and is really pissing me off.

Whenever this little kid joins, he tries to target me and get everybody to insult me. Sometimes with succes, sometimes without. Today shit really made me pissed.

He keeps on insulting me, and the rest of the members. He also tried to target Suckarr. When I asked mods/admins to mute him, he kept on lying I’m insulting him in PM. I never sent a PM to him ever in my life.


”Knul bitch” “Knul shut up” “Target Knul” “Knul gay” blablabla. Look at the screenshots, this isn’t even worth a mute. He already got warned several times, ban this kid man he is super super super toxic.

There is more than enough evidence to ban him, and I never recorded all the blockings and rammings he did. I can prove I never sent him a PM as well. 








Just read the discord and you’ll be shocked how stupid this little prick is. What a fucking loser.

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