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Cranetop Replacements/Map addons for PL Rotation


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  1. 1. Choose your preference:

    • Remove cranetop, no new custom
    • Remove cranetop, add new custom
    • Keep cranetop, no new custom (keep stuff as it is)
    • Keep cranetop AND add new custom!
  2. 2. What custom should we add? (you can select multiple)

    • plr_vegas
    • pl_deadwood
    • pl_waste
    • pl_woodland
    • pl_haywood
    • pl_borax

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been playing and testing.


Nice payload race map, very unique style (although weird). Gameplay looks good too.


Seems ok. Not too special or anything.


Map isn't too special in terms of visuals, but the gameplay mechanic (cart tug-o-war) is interesting.


Can't open the download page of this map for some reason.


Looks nice, bit small. Two stages.


I like this one. Massive single stage map (like badwater) with big ravines and stuff. I think this is a good candidate.

I added a poll for you guys to fill in. I still think cranetop is a good map to play on.

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I prefer the first one (Vegas) cause it sort of has a new 'look' But dunno if it will be fun to play :o And Ywa already said at IRC that maybe it will be bugged cause its a PLR. And also, some ppl dont like plr at all. So ive also voted for Waste, but maybe those maps will be even more shitty than cranetop XD

Anddddd, i've seen enough SAND already! So......

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Vegas looks nice. But I want a snow map for a change. :P

And cranetop should be removed.

Not many SnowPL maps yet. Or atleast any good ones.

What's stopping you? :V

I'd make one if I 1) had the time 2) was creative and knew how to make a good map.

I can make a map within a week.

no textures

No gameplay

One Stage.

Have you ever made a map?

And what makes you think I want/have time to make this? I'm already working on a PL map, on my speed.

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And what makes you think I want/have time to make this? I'm already working on a PL map, on my speed.

Chill, I didn't say you HAD to make one. But you say there aren't many (good) snow PL maps, so you could see that as an oppertunity to be one of the first ones to make a good snow PL map. ;)

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