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ZS maps that you would >personally< love to see making a comeback once the new servers are up (or have them freshly added)


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Let's talk about which maps everyone would like to see in the new servers once they're up! Don't take this as a suggestion, but merely a nostalgia trip about what we would like to have back (or perhaps a dream of what maps the server never had that we would love to see in it!)

My personal nostalgia list would be the following:

ZS Subversive 1/2/3/4 (all parts were good)

ZS Insurance

ZS Farmhouse

ZS No Mercy Hospital/Sacrifice (?)

ZS Woodhouse

ZS Lighthouse

ZS Jail

ZS Hospital

ZS Trainstation (IIRC I think this one was in at least)

ZS Clav Massive

ZS Clav Segments

ZS Dump

ZS Uglyfort


And my personal list of maps that I'd like to see in the servers that I think were never in the server (at least not in the old days)...

ZS Abstraction

ZS Darkside/Brightside (either or both)

ZS Abandoned Mall (any versions)

ZS Ravenholm

ZS Shelter

ZS Healthcare

ZS Christmas Town

ZS Castle Keep


So what do you guys think? Do you have any memorable moments/thoughts of any particular map? Is there any map you dearly miss or gives you nostalgia? In my case almost all of them did give me nostalgia, and yet there were a few maps I played later on that I'd enjoy to see here as well. 

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