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Administator Application - A Flailing Retard

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Gameserver: Garrys' Mod Servers

Age: 14

Country of origin: England

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi, my real name is George and i am from the Midlands in England. I love all kinds of computer games and have even made some simple games myself. I love the server and have been playing on it for years... i cant remember how long ago i started playing but it was like a year before you added achievements, so im an oldschool MR. Green ZS player and Fan. I also held the record for damage to undead for a long time (130.5k damage, on the map "Noir").

I think i am fit to be an admin as i am a friendly, active and creative palyer that always thinks of great ideas to add to the gamemode. Also i will play like a normal person would...no slapping gun dealing or healing...i will play completely normaly unless Admin powers are required, such as : Someone needing a ban or a player is having difficulties with the server. I am active and will be on alot of the time. Also i would like to get to know other admins and players better to make the server overall a better place to play and shoot zombies in the face!

Thanks, hope you thinks its good.

A Flailing Retard.

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