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  1. i forgot to mention, I'm going away to Italy today. Be back Friday.
  2. ye, i've been practicing for competitive for a bit now. still have a lot to learn. what's your name on steam, man?
  3. I'd like to try out for Demo. I know you already have Rui as Demo but if you guys ever need a backup or whatever, I'm your man. Add me if you're interested
  4. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    I haven't played DayZ in around a month. Sigh.
  5. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    What is an "old" character? A character that's like, twenty days old or something? If so, I guess my char is old. I haven't played in at least two weeks, fuck shit.
  6. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    Can't connect to any 1.7 servers, only connected to a 1.6 server but gave up on receiving data. Downloaded the patch that I already thought I had and tried again, no success. Oh look, another problem with DayZ. What a surprise.
  7. i run on my home machine thing for like 20-25 minutes until i get a sweat. then i do a few situps (40-60) then i do a few pushups (20-30, ones that make your chest touch the ground. full ones) and squats with weights (20-30). i plan on going back to swimming soon. swimming is an extremely good exercise and i suggest you start with that. like corby said, losing the fat first is a must.
  8. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    Does anyone know why I can't connect? Usually, I can only connect early during the morning and play. After that during the midday, I get stuck on receiving data or loading. I really love this mod but I can't constantly play :[
  9. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    ohhhh well thanks
  10. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    finally managed to connect to a server, found a lot of food and water. i've never been so happy to see beans. friend took this pic of me
  11. why is everybody so interested in ponies
  12. Silver Dot

    Day Z

    I've seen a couple clan/friends-only servers that are locked.
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