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Admin application- Damien


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Gameserver: Mr.Green ZS server.

Age: 18

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Real name: Damien Steenbrink

average play time on zs server in 1 day (without vacations): 2 hours everyday ( the more info i give the easier it is to judge)

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I have played and still play alot on the server, i hate spawnkillers and glitchers so i wont threat them nice [i always try to kill them first]. I have had a gmod server myself for 3 months, it was sandbox with an average of 4 people playing on it and i know the most common commands. I have done a course about making websites in HTML with frontpage. I wouldnt use ravebreak alot because it's very annoying if you constantly use that and i hate it when admins abuse their commands. I dont mind making myself super big or noclip for a short time, but i wouldnt use it to escape death or something like that. I also hate people that kill themselves right at the start. I want to be admin because i like helping people and want to help remove the players that wreck the game for others. You cant piss me off so i Will always look objective at situations.

I play FPS games since i was around 7 years starting with doom and moved to unreal tournament 2004 later on and eventually started to play gmod with sandbox and later a lot of ZS on noxiousnet. eventually i saw mr. green's server and played on there and i never returned to noxiousnet anymore. :D

p.s.: I like to have a lot of competition :D , everyone good luck. may anyone become admin :)

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I know but now i finally have all the time to play alot on the server. :D

I dont play tf2, so that wouldnt really work :)

even if i dont win i will just try and hold of glitchers and spawncampers. :P

i killed one in his back. He was like WTH just happened. Damn hilarious. :D

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