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Forum Rules and Disclaimer


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When you make use of the Mr. Green Gaming forums you agree with the rules and disclaimer stated below.


  • Avatar and signature size are automatically limited. Do not place too much content in your signature as it will cause longer page loading times. Also no more animated images in your signature.
  • Don't discriminate, harass or provoke fellow forum members. Meaning no flaming and no trolling.
  • Stay ontopic. Going offtopic won't have immediate consequences unless you're trolling.
  • Moderator decisions should be discussed in the appointed forum, not in the topic where action was taken.
  • No backseat moderation, use the Report button what it's for.
  • No f****** reaction images that are directly aimed at other users. We're really getting tired of them.
  • Write in understandable English. If you find this difficult, try installing browser plugins like dictionaries to help you along.
  • Do not double post. Use the edit button what it's meant for. Do not spam in general or we'll suspend your account for a while.
  • Adult content is currently not allowed on the forum (Greens Lounge forum excluded).
  • Multiple accounts per user is forbidden, unless permitted by the TopCrew.
  • Do not advertise any other websites or servers (excluding services like YouTube, Steam, etc) in your messages, avatar, signature or any other textfield without it being related to discussion.
  • Do not use the crew tags, unless you are part of the TopCrew.
  • The TopCrew has the last word in every discussion, their decisions are not to be discussed in this forum.
  • Do not make topics for exchanging account details of other websites. You can do this in your signature or custom fields if you please.
  • Do not make topics about hacks/cracks/cheats for a multiplayer game. Go ruin somebody's fun somewhere else.
  • Trying to work your way around bans, warnings or demotion is always forbidden.
  • You're not allowed to use a proxy, unless your ISP requires to.
  • We follow the Dutch law. If you break it, we will report you to the authorities.

In case you break these rules you will be given a suitable warning level or (permanent) ban.


  • The Mr. Green / Left 4 Green forum/network and the TopCrew (administrators) are not responsible for any damage whatsoever and have the right to undertake actions that contradict the rules stated above.

Last edit: 7th of June 2009

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