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How to add sprays in garrymod


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I am going to tell you how to add a spray that will work for 100% certainty.

Step 1: find a picture you like

Step 2: resize it with for example irfanview or photoshop to 256 X 128 or 64 or 32 etc.

Step 3: convert it to tga with a program or a online converter

Step 4: convert it to vtf and vmt with for example vtfedit [ search for tga2vtf or vtfedit.rar]

Step 5: put these in your garrymod/garrymod/materials/vgui/logos

done, good luck :)

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Well, you could also just make a picture to 256x256 (cause different sizes won't work, as example 256x128, and save as .vtf won't work) and make as .tga. That's the easiest way.

Plus if you make a .vtf, a .vmt will automaticly be created, so theres no need to make a .vmt.

I recommend to just make them into a .tga.

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Than you should reinstall :) , or if you have an other language than english it should be located in garrymod/garrymod_[your language]/Materials/vgui/logos

btw, i made a spray with these dimensions 256 x 128, so it is possible. but to be perfectly safe a square would do better, i guess :)

I tried making the sprays in all formats, they all don't work. it says i haven't gotten the privileges to do that. only .vtf works with me and i tried this both on my vista and on another xp computer.

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I use a program called Spray R to upload the sprays I want and make them Transparent where I want. Its really simple and awesome to use with good results.

obviously there are still requirements for the spray - Preferably Photoshop used, 256x256 maximum still, It needs to have a transparent background and it needs to be a Png file for it to recognise the two different levels. Apart from that its easy :)


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