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[ZS] Halloween is here!!!

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Halloween is coming on Mr.Green's Zombie Survival!!!

To celebrate Halloween, a new update is coming in Zombie Survival server

A few humans joined the Undead's side!They are looking so scary now, because the Mad Halloween King cursed all of the players, now they don't know if they will stay humans... or if they will be lightened of their flesh!!!

For this special event, humans can now be skeletons (randomly) it doesn't change their powers of whatever, it's just a skin!But how creepy this skin is!!!

And, as the Mad Halloween King is lecherous,vicious...he can be sometimes generous!That's why, during this Halloween event, you can buy a Pumpkin Hat for 200 Green Coins!

Be careful, you can ONLY buy this special hat during Halloween event, after that you won't be able to buy it, but if you bought it you keep it forever with your other hats!

This is really scary isn't it? But it's not finished, some other surprises are waiting for you...!

So don't hesitate and join Mr.Green's Zombie Survival server, the event will start Friday,October,30rd evening until Wednesday,November,4th!!!

Have an happy and creepy Halloween!!!Muahahaha





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I dont get it ,why is Chickennugget announcing that and not Deluvas himself?XD thats pretty random!(and funny)

Nice text,though.

I think this event will be great !

I wanted to do some buzz about that event (I tried to convince Clavus and Ywa if they could put the banner you can see at the beginning,FAIL!^^).

And well, it's more efficient to share a bit the work, I couldn't really help Deluvas to code because I don't know coding, I just advised him a few elements/ideas and we made a "mix", so while he was continuing some coding stuff I decided to launch the topic because Halloween is tomorrow night, and we had planifications etc...

And well, I had to do a part of the work :D

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