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A quick rehash of an old map


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Well I recently found an old .vmf of a map I was working on with base of the map provided by a friend so I deicded to carry on with the map and finish it, the result seen below.

Please don't even ask about the name and don't comment on the map based on the screenshots, play it yourself.

It was once a CS:S ZM map but I'd say I managed to readapt it pretty well for zs.

-It has way over 40 spawn points.

-All extreme camping spots balanced pretty well.

-Plenty of props outside to propkill with to help zombies out at an earlier stage.

-fully lit & compiled.

-Large amount of map optimisation.

-No custom textures used.


-Added decals to the map so it doesn't look so bland.

-retextured parts of it to add more realism.

-added more light to some areas where it seriously lacked it.

But it's only a beta map so improvements will be made so It's not expected to be perfect.

If anyone wants to use the map as a base for something else feel free to ask me for the .vmf and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. But please give credit to me and NKO.

Some screens below:








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Looks quite small :o

It's no smaller than other zs maps, and the screen where you see all the map is zoomed out a fair bit, there's actually 3 floors and a rooftop in this map which can all be visited so it can't be that small.

And there's a small shed aswell.

And I'll be updating the attatched map file in a few minutes with some updates.

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Oh, and don't add to much health. That's what made urbandecay so damn sucky after the ZS update, there's like 200 health around there and 1 regenerating health machine. WAY to unfair for zombs. :(

But sure, add some health packs here and there but I beg you, no god damn health machine :/

Fair point, I'll include vials and health packs rather than machines.

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