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A small problem

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I had the same problem on tf2 and there was the problem that the server wasn't updated. But were there people playing in the server? Then can't it be my problem.

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Most of the time the level you are trying to download, requires custom models, sounds, or textures, only available when you download the map from garrysmod.org.

That has always solved my issue.

Not really. Or atleast. We always upload those files together with the map. Either pakratted or using a res file. Other communities might don't do that.

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No guys, this bug is with the whole steam. When i join any server of any game, it downloads every file with speed of rocket, wtf? It downloads everything, but i would call it skips the files. it like passes over every file, so everything i have is only 1 kb. I found it out only now. This goddamn bug happens with every game >.<. Lmao, Help!!!

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