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No Reason Specified XD


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  1.  Your in-game name:  PanzeR
  2.  Date of your ban:  17th of January
  3.  What game/server are you banned from:  both mix n race
  4.  Who banned you (only if you know who):  Berg
  5.  Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): As always i was playing my game in mr.green gaming. We were playing shooter map when we are nearly twenty people, kom members were online totally 5 person. I killed them of course, i know its big shame for kom's leader but its not my problem XD. After these moments we again started to play a shooter, berg was being mad because he was getting ground kills from me because he does it same things too. I warned him too it would be better if you dont, thats why i did it. Anyway i got 30 days mute as always after that. I did nothing when i got this mute because i can play without talking too. His friends were saying "toxic" to me but they must know there is no toxic kid except them xD.  Nearly after a week i was online in server for playing shooter to have fun, he came and his friends of course i killed them again, and they were doing provocation while i'm muted, he was saying "stop gk" all the time when he dead, but there is one big shame because i wasnt doing ground kill for him. If someone saw it they can comment too :D. Brief i changed my nick from VIP abilities to make stop them "StopProvoke". after that berg banned me 10 days. Today was going end but i see he changed it to Permamently xD.
  6.  Reason why we should unban you: There is no sturdy server except here, totally shit.
  7. extra: as i heard you said to them am provoking you, i just wrote two sentences its nothing sides with your :D.
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