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How to get a server browser in L4D


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Some might already know it, others might not, and it's for those I make this topic, as I didn't knew it myself either 2 days ago. :V It's possible to add a server browser in L4D, like we know it in CSS, Garry's Mod, TF2 etc. All you need to do is add -serverbrowser to L4D's launch options.

For the ones that don't know how to get to the launch options (:V):

- Right click on Left 4 Dead in your Steam games list and select 'Properties'


- Go to 'Set launch options...' in the Properties menu under the 'General' tab:


- Add the -serverbrowser option in the launch options line:


- You now have a server browser option in the game menu!


As far as I know and tested, this doesn't work for L4D2 (yet).

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