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Muted for no reason in Discord. Confused


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Hello. I got mute in discord for an unknown for me reason, it does say "bullying" but the thing is I haven't done any bullying and I am pretty sure about that, especially which worth 1 month of mute.. 

We have some problems with HardVadr and he provoke me as well for all possible "bullying" behaviour. There's no rule in Discord about bullying, the closest rule is about being toxic and I barely was toxic or really annoying.

For HardVadr I want to say that here where I live we don't share secrets without telling it is a secret and "don't tell anyone" so the fact I spread some of your secrets without knowing it's a secret is ridiculous and if you hate me because of that, well I don't know then... I could ask apologies but I don't know for what.

I have seen Hard write in bot channel about "stalking", no idea haven't done anything like that. You guys should understand that I want to know exact messages I am muted for for an 1 month. It is normal so people know why they're punished. After that I can accept my guilt or decline. For now I'm just confused

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