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  1. Nick_026

    MTA Race & MIX Map reports

    Map creators can already exclude certain vehicles in rotation
  2. Nick_026

    Why still not added [Escaper]

    This functionality has zero priority. That's why it won't be developed
  3. Nick_026

    server kicked me

    You have to enable Driver Signing. I assume you are running windows 10. Check out this site: https://www.technipages.com/enable-disable-device-driver-signing
  4. Nick_026

    Bugged IP Servers

  5. Nick_026

    About mine mute

  6. Nick_026

    Hello, this community still exists?

    Hallo mijn vriend! Wij zijn zeker nog steeds actief, helaas inmiddels wel veel minder spelers Ik ben relatief nieuw. Ik ken jou niet, jij kent mij niet.
  7. Nick_026

    Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned?

    Yes, very mature indeed
  8. Nick_026

    Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned?

    You said this 11 hours ago. I don't see you changing...
  9. Nick_026

    Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned?

    I mean... V4POR is not wrong...
  10. Nick_026

    spectating Bug

    Yeah, maybe some players are running on 1.5.9 already. But the server is still running 1.5.8 causing incompatibilities. The server will be updated to 1.5.9 soon, hopefully issues will be solved by then
  11. Nick_026

    spectating Bug

    Haven't seen the issue before. Looks like a camera bug
  12. Nick_026

    Dziny Event 2021

    Guess it's not happening
  13. Nick_026

    Dziny Event 2021

    So... You want to do this event or not. If no response by tomorrow I will lock this
  14. Nick_026

    Dziny Event 2021

    When do you want to host it? Next Saturday?
  15. Nick_026

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    Even in the event server he can't play shooter and derby
  16. Nick_026

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    You're welcome to try
  17. Nick_026

    Player [Escaper] new command

    As I said lots of times. Add it yourself, code is open source and you don't need [Dev]
  18. Nick_026

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    Event has been played yesterday! Thanks all for attending, I had a good time
  19. Nick_026

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    I can't find Cars Attack in the rotation
  20. Nick_026


    https://forums.mrgreengaming.com/topic/2741-read-this-before-posting/ Edit your topic to fulfill the requirements
  21. Nick_026

    server ddos'd

    Yep we are aware of the problem and are creating a solution. I'll keep everyone informed
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