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My civic duty aka report


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After weeks of being banned in discord for no reason I think that's kinda my "civic duty" to report an admin "Haxardous" for disrespecting the Discord rules. By disrespecting Discord rules I mean he is being toxic (starting conflicts), provoking and being unfriendly. His provoking worked well so I kindly asked him to stop it (I said him to fuck off, as seems like he don't understand other words) and got banned after that forever. I consider that I was banned for nothing, I am just a victim of provocations and that's crazy that provocations goes from an Admin. Also I find it unfair getting ban forever without any warnings and explanations, that's pretty unprofessional and destroys the community which is not getting bigger recently.

I find it funny how I got banned for "disrespect" when Haxardous itself seems like don't really respect anyone and anything, even discord rules. Respect is earned, not given. 

In my opinions the "job" of Admin is to resolve the conflicts but not to create the conflicts 

Please take some action. Best regards.  - AleksCore.

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