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Zombie Survival in S&Box? (Opinions, thoughts, etc.)


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As some of you may know, Garry's Mod is getting a sort of "sequel" called S&Box, by Facepunch Studios and Garry Newman himself no less. S&Box, according to Garry, will be much more than Garry's Mod ever was (much more customization, aside for a restriction on using franchises/IPs due to licensing, but original models and maps are totally fine), he presents it as more than a game, he wants it to be a platform in which people will create games... Which begs the question, what do you all think about the potential for Zombie Survival within S&Box? There are apparently multiple developers/coders that are interested in bringing Zombie Survival to S&Box. Are you guys hyped for playing S&Box in Source 2? Are there any other gamemodes besides Zombie Survival that you guys would like to see? I personally would love Breach (SCP stuff isn't truly licensed in the same manner as franchises, so we could definitely get a Breach gamemode going on), Cinema, TTT and Deathrun.

I personally feel like S&Box opens a really huge box of possibilities for ZS to evolve as a whole, and I would be lying if I said I felt indifferent to it, because truth is that ZS could actually become even bigger in S&Box than it ever was in Garry's Mod. That also depends on the success of S&Box, but a game that presents itself with so much modding and customization potential (It has stuff like day/night cycles, VR support and it's much more optimized than GMod), it feels like it could go far beyond GMod's very own ZS, but only time will tell, perhaps it might not go far and stay mostly in GMod. Only time will tell in the end, right?

Official S&Box news and website here; https://sbox.facepunch.com/news

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My take on this is that it's going to be 2007-2010 Gmod all over again.


One big server (Sunrust probably), one or 2 contender servers with different ZS versions, and a myriad of small ones using Sunrust's ZS. It was already like this with Noxious ZS.

Hopefully new variants of ZS will pop up over time so we don't have X clones of the same gamemode over and over again, but that's a sweet dream.


As a dev, I'm not interested into S&box, not yet at least. It's too early for having polished gamemodes imo.

I'm just curious to see how it will perform against Gmod over time.

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That'd be interesting to see whether that time period somewhat repeats itself or not.

I think S&Box is a great opportunity to fix some of the mistakes that had been done within ZS through all the years (since well, let's face it, while ZS has been good, it hasn't been perfect, especially its latest versions in the past few years). I honestly hold hope that Sunrust's version of ZS won't just dominate and that we'll get various versions to choose from after a year or two however, since overall, not as an admin/staff member or even potential mapper/dev but as a player, I am much more interested in being given multiple good-quality choices, and I think I speak for a sizable enough portion of people who had been playing ZS but ceased doing so for multiple reasons.

You are right, however, I feel like with S&Box not even being out yet and the only apparent version of ZS in development in S&Box not being literally any playable, it could still take a while.

Although I believe that developing for it early on could be worth it in order to gather a bigger playerbase earlier on. S&Box might actually not do that well and GMod could still remain the one that's more popular out of the two, but the opposite could also be true. I just hope that regardless of what happens, neither game will completely die off, as I actually like the prospect of both. (Even if GMod itself is actually a bit way too old by now, it still has its charm and customization, regardless of its possible limitations.)

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