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Mr. Green Gaming

Dziny Event 2021

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Hello everyone This is my first Event which I planned 


1ST Greencoins 7500 + 5 Days Vip

2ND Greencoins 4500 + 2 Days Vip

3RD Greencoins 1000



[MH] Rocks

[MH] Dust 2

[SH] Village 2

[SH] Calin

[SH] Homer Fight Car

[NTS] Marathon 3

[NTS] Ultra Papatka 

[NTS] Core Markers 2

[DD] Prisoner 19

[DD] Cross Dziny

[DD] Green Forest

[DD] Munky


[RTF] no sc

[RTF] Papatka  4

[DL] Samba to Brazil

[Race] Just Race v6

[Race] Enola Gay



No Killdziny.lua

No Ulghy words

No Command /loud

No Toxic Chat

No Ulghy words to dzinymaster

No Cheating

No ghostmode



Goodluck My first Event coming Soon Start waiting for approval

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