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  1. Weedyman marycockins AosKratos Pegux Matrix Banned or muted
  2. I've had enough Today Weedyman marycockins AosKratos Pegux Matrix get ban or mute forever they exaggerated Admins I want you to mute non-polite players that was the last ruling (I don't like when someone writes ugly about me behind my back)
  3. DzinyMaster

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Best Fail Ever in Benox map
  4. DzinyMaster

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    Rm killdziny.lua
  5. DzinyMaster

    Mr.Green Shooter Event 2021 Edition

    Running is allowed
  6. DzinyMaster

    Player [Escaper] new command

    Admins add /escaper
  7. DzinyMaster

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Poor Job
  8. DzinyMaster

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    F**k you Job
  9. DzinyMaster

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    Name: DzinyMaster Maps requested: NTS Ultra Papatka 4 SH Dziny.exe
  10. DzinyMaster

    DzinyMaster Admin Application

    Game: Mr Green Gaming Server: Mix/Race age 18 Country : Poland Link : N/A Discord name : MateuszLegend2819#2569 In game name : DzinyMaster description : hello I would like to be an admin because I love playing server mrgreen I have dreamed of being an admin for a long time if you adore me, you would respect me it's very nice to dream about it if you liked me but if I'm good, it's me you would accept me as an admin if I'm trying to be good I wish you luck
  11. DzinyMaster

    Why still have Gamemode 3

    I wish this punishment was over still in GM spectator I'm already done with griefing if I wanted back GM Survival I will not destroy the properties of the house players anymore Apology accepted
  12. DzinyMaster

    Unlock me onions

    Military he doesn't like you do you insult him often
  13. without test map should not be accepted or rejected By without testing admins sometimes they accept or decline without testing maps therefore there may be errors not which maps Manager map message without test map script Message refusal to reject Map [you cannot discard the map until you test] Message refusal to acceping map [you cannot accept the map until you test] Color messages 255.0.0 chat game
  14. DzinyMaster

    laggers & vote manipulators

    [RTF] Only Infernus it breaks the server
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