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ZS Halloween Event 2021 - October 26 / November 12

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Welcome to the first Halloween event for Zombie Survival Redeemed Edition ! :D

For this first seasonal event, you'll be facing a new foe, which has sworn to destroy humans and zombies from the surface of earth : Pumpking !



October 26th, 2021 to November 12th, 2021 (no specific time, but deploys are done at night)


Pumpking boss

This boss is a neutral NPC that will spawn on specific maps, at a random time.

The condition for him to appear is to have at least 7 players during a game on a specific map.


Pumpking can attack any player, human or zombie, in his way.

He does massive amount of damage at close range, so you better get away and quick !

But beware, as he likes throwing deadly pumpkins around him and teleporting around !

You can only damage him using melee attacks !


You can fight Pumpking on the following maps :


(List may change / be updated till the event starts).


Killing him will grant you an achievement, a title and a few Greencoins !


Pumpkin drops

Due to a curse from Pumpking,  players (humans & zombies) that die during the duration the event may drop pumpkins.

Picking one of these is up to you, since it can give you something good... or not !


Scary Pumpkin Hat


During the event, players will be able to buy the Scary Pumpkin Hat in the Greenshop / hats section.

You can buy it for 300 Greencoins, and it is available only for the duration of the event !


Halloween-themed daily missions

Among the regular daily missions, a few new halloween-themed missions will be available during the event, giving a bit more Greencoins than regular ones.



Two new maps will be added to the mapcycle :

- zs_ruins, which takes place in a big city with open areas and buildings with different rooms to hide.

- zs_dryfield_v4 : a motel-like map in the middle of a desert, with a lot of places to hide, open areas and an underground facility.


Along with this update, a bunch of bugfixes / balancing patches will be deployed as wel.


Hope to see you there ! And have a fun Halloween !



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Update is live !

Changelog :


- Added Halloween content (boss, pumpkin drops, missions and hat)

- Added zs_ruins and zs_dryfield_v4 to map rotation

- Removed zs_viruslabs from rotation

- Reworked crowbar (still in progress) : damage has been decreased and speed increased to match the knife's. They are similar in stats. Crowbar perks have been revised as a consequence.

- Fixed the laggy boss animation when he took damage from ranged weapons

- Braincrab model is back in the shop, it's now fixed and should play animations properly

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