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    If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
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    An old Zombie mod player in Counter Strike Source, currently in the world leading clan in Zombie Mod in css, Elite HunterZ.



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  2. SOUR

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    After 10 kills you get health, also after 30 i think? at 20 you get armor. BUT i did like the medkit back in the days specially when you last human alive.
  3. SOUR

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    Alright, headcrabs damage i would lower a little bit atleast. People are struggeling to kill them and if you are good with headcrab you can easily kill humans easier then normal zombies.
  4. SOUR

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    Decrease Fasties damage and Headcrabs, just my thought I can solo kill humans with headcrabs withouth dying atm it feels kinda unfair
  5. SOUR

    ZS RE May 2021 Demo Feedback

    M2 accuracy is way to good, you can spray zombies down from 100m away Spawn healing should stay as it is if there is only 1 zombie, the more zombies the less spawn healing they get i think
  6. SOUR

    What's the best zombie survival game?

    Yeah i was hyped for it aswell..sadly when people joined it was so buggy and everyone had to sign a contract to not talk how bad the game was lmao and then it was delayed again
  7. SOUR

    What's the best zombie survival game?

    Like said above not many good zombie survival games out there, the only survival game ive been stuck with was Just survive but it died out and now i play rust which is alot of fun, i was hyped for Dead matter but it flopped sadly!
  8. SOUR

    Introducing Zombie Survival : Redeemed Edition

    Awsome man! HYPE is real
  9. SOUR

    How did you discover ZS?

    I cant really remember what year it was but either 2009/2010 the mod i played on css ZH died out so i was looking for a new game/mod, i found zm om css and became addicted and joined the best clan there is, i got abit bored and found zs on garrys mod and fell in love directly! Spent many hours with some of the OG players, and i have a fond memory of me playing this first time ever: it was a rural map with like ruins and a crane and you could climb up the ruins (cant remember the map name) and camp there and i bought myself a sombrero hat and after that i just kept playing
  10. 1:25 Look at me and @Lejorahin the back with 12hp lmao
  11. Don't worry it will be back soon! Keep a look at the forum once in a while and our Discord for updates!
  12. I might be wrong about the cading! More info will come soon people! The lvl perks was the thing that got me hyped actually, I remember the mini turret you had on your shoulder i worked so hard for that as a little kid
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