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Garry's Mod - Cinema Server Superthread!

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As you may know if you follow our Discord closely. (Which, rest assured, is the majority of people, but I suppose a few do not follow it.) You guys may be aware that there is now a Garry's Mod Cinema server! 

The objective of the whole gamemode is very simple, and it's not as much of an objective as it is something you can just do. Basically, you can just watch videos, movies and the likes with friends within theater rooms.  At some point, it is likely games/arcades of sorts will be added around the lobby area as well to the server in order for people to have more things to do within the server.

The server currently has a cosmetic pointshop (Pointshop 2, credits to that.) and drops (About 5% chance every 60 minutes for a drop), as well as a gambling minigame within the Pointshop. The Pointshop includes Playermodels, Hats, Pets, Accesories, as well as in-game foods and drinks.

I will be personally looking for someone, or a group of people who wish to participate and volunteer with creating a whole new map just for our Cinema server, cinema_greentheater, if anyone is interested in partaking in such a project, please message me on Discord or via the forums. We are currently running theater_nexmultiplex_1m as a map for the time being.

Here is the Server IP:

As a side note; We will be organizing an event during either October 31st or November 1st in which to watch a spooky movie together. Stay tuned in for the plausible upcoming thread about it!

From hereon, this thread will also serve the purpose of being one in which you can suggest ideas for the server as well as comment on it.

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