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Valheim server up and running.


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Due to requests Mr. Green now has a Valheim server! Jej! You can find all the information you need under the Valheim category in the Discord server. https://discord.gg/X2nYJQYSZ4

For the time being the server is barebone, which means that there's only a few selected mods and adjustments done to the server. Current mods and settings are as follows:

  • Valheim +
  • Bepinex.
  • Better wards.
  • Marketplace.
  • Weather damage on buildings has been disabled.
  • Quick connect for a smooth no-password connection to the server.
  • Compass.
  • 10 player slots, which can be increased if needed.
  • Whitelisted server.

I will start advertising for Mr. Green Valheim server. Soon, with some luck and success, new members will start to join the Mr. Green community one by one to play on the Valheim server.

Soon i will be starting a mini event to get some of the current members of Mr. Green to join the server. I hope as many as possible are able to join up. This is to show activity and interest for new members that joins the community. It will be a lot easier and smoother to get new players to join the server if there's already someone there.

This Valheim server is whitelisted. This means that everyone has to create an application under the Valheim category in the Discord server. There's not many questions to answer and the applicaiton process is quick. Steam64 ID are to be supplied when creating an application so i can add it to the whitelist file.

Suggestions are appreciated when it comes to which mods are to be installed on the server. Do we want an RP server? Do we want a PVP server? Who knows, we'll figure that out together. Also, everyone can make server suggestions in the Discord server in the "︳suggestions" channel under the Valheim category.

Have fun!


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