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WATCH OUT: Fake Mr. Green GMod server


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Chrisaster (a stupid GMod player) is currently setting up a fake Mr. Green GMod Zombie Survival server (it's still passworded now, but soon probably not).

When you join this server you get a LUA virus. Which you don't want to have.

Only thrust these Mr. Green Zombie Survival IPs:



Thanks for reading.

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What we learn from this: put your favorite servers in your Favorites list and join them through there.


There are four servers. When you join one, he'll mess up your key binds.

bind "d" "incrementvar;lua_run_cl CreateClientConVar('toggleconsole', 'hi', true, true);say CHRISASTER IS AWESOME! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@;lua_run_cl timer.Create('lol', 0, 0, function() RunConsoleCommand('say', 'CHRISASTER IS AWESOME! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@') end );lua_run_cl CreateClientConVar('gameui_activate', 'hi', true, true); 0 1 1"

Taken from my config.cfg. I backed it up so it's easily fixed for me. I suggest you guys back up that file too just in case.

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He's the same guy that set up the fake Nox servers. You're not making yourself very likeable if you piss off communities for no good reason.

Also, one of the rules of the internet:

normal person + anonymity + public = total dicktwad

Take away the public (read: ignore him), and it'll all pass over.

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