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ZS Halloween Event 2022 - October 29th / November 19th

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Welcome to Meat Up, this year's Zombie Survival Halloween event !

When can I play this update ?

October 29th, 2022 to November 19th, 2022. Launch & end times : late at night !


What is it ?

This is a seasonal update that adds new gameplay elements, as long as gameplay updates !

Along with the previous Halloween content released last year, new things are to be expected this year !


New Boss : Big Meat

Big Meat is a new boss that will randomly appear during a match, on most of the maps (with a few restrictions, for smaller or hard to navigate in maps). He will spawn at a random zombie spawn point.

Heavy, slow and tough, he's not that much of a threat in appearance, but once he sees someone, he starts roaring and charges towards his victim, leaving anything but bloody gibs and broken shards of what stood on his way.

At close range, he can furiously pummel his victims to death. So the rule is simple : do not stay close to him !

When his health reaches 50%, he will become suddenly agitated. His walk speed is greatly increased and he charges more often.

Oh, it's also useless to mention that no barricade, no prop and no obstacle could ever stop him. Especially if you stick behind them.


Achievements / Titles

A new achievement and title will be awarded to players that helped killing Big Meat !

Last year's achievement tied to Pumpking is also back if you don't have it yet.



Two new skins for normal zombies are available in the greenshop : Ghoul & Pumpkified :



Ghoul will  be a permanent addition, while Pumpkified will only be available for purchase during the event.

Besides, the Scary Pumpkin is back in the shop as well.


Extra Greencoins

Greencoins earned for killing players and completing missions will be doubled during the event !


Returning content

Last year's halloween content is back in the game :

- Pumpking will still spawn during the game (either him or Big Meat), on any map. He's been slightly reworked so he does teleport onto random spawnpoints instead of teleporting onto players. His health got adjusted a bit as we now have bot players that can attack him.

- Halloween daily missions got updated with a few new missions.

- Pumpkins will randomly drop when a zombie/human is killed, they have a random effect (health ammo, gc, hurt etc).


Bot updates

With this update, Wraith, Fast Zombie and Poison Headcrab will finally be available as bots. They're still in development so they may  need a few tweaks or balancing, but they work and can perfectly chase & attack players.

Fast zombies will leap towards their prey.

Poison crabs will spit at a distance and leap when they're close to you.

Wraiths for now will only run after the players and act like normal zombies do  (their behaviour will get some small changes in the future).


Other changes

- Added a propkill level for bots : when a bot joins the game, it will have a random propkill level from zero being "I don't know how to propkill" to 4 being a pro-propkiller ! This will allow for more variety and balancing in the game, to reflect the actual level players can have regarding propkilling.

- Fixed the killfeed not showing the proper icons when bots murder eachother (WIP, propkill killfeeds are still glitchy).

- Fixed the dual elites  & sniper acting like machine-guns when a human bot uses them.

- Fixed some wonky leaps when the headcrab bots attack you (WIP, will still happen when they're trying to reach you from far though).



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