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Another incorrect banning

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Hi my friend who goes by the name wifebeater (not cuz he beats wifes, but because our clan is the wife clan) got banned the other day for no reason at all. he dosn not cheat in anyway. One min we were racing the next he was banned. Could you please unban him, no reason was given at the time as to why he was banned. W'd like to get back to the racing asap.


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Well, unreasonable bans are usually pretty rare, he might've tried something like...Glitching, insulting, not listening, etc? More information would be nice.

MTA got an automatic banning anti-cheat.

Hi we are aware of this, he never cheats and never has done. might be a problem with the anti cheat, i have seen people fall through a glitch on the map and instantly banned. Could you please unban him, would be much appreciated.


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