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Can we get the coins with the zombies and humans that the people killed BEFORE the new update? Or everyone have to start to 0 coins? Because i have played a lot on the zombie survival server, i just wanted to know if clavus was about to give coins for the zombies or humans we already killed.

Also, only 1 coins for a zombie killed, and those hats are fucking expensive. D: We shall discuss about it.


(Sorry for my bad english)

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hey! Walumi! i had the same idea!!!

nice but we see that no... i thinked about this: 1 zombie = 5 coins; 1 headcrap = 1c; 1 f.headcrap = 1c; 1 wraith = 2c;

1 fz = 3c; 1 p headcrap = 4; 1 p zomb = 10c (by killing with p228 or smp (or how was it called...)), = 5c by killing by any other gun; 1 chem shit = 2c.

it would be nice

but for greenshop... maybe then you can put one 0 in the end of every thing that you can buy in shop

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Deal i love walumi idea cause i will have to play for like 100 hours to get 5000 oslt coins an that is expensive.

The other things ,the hats i think they are cool but they have 1- if someone stands infront of u with etc.santahat u cant see where to shoot so i am stuck with this idea ..

Otherwise green coins are good idea cause it make game more popular and people like it when they have playng point.

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The point of this upgrade is to give no donators the opportunity to gain the "extra donator bonus" with GC. Make ppl gain too much GC when killing zombies is not a good idea because the aim of the game is too spend time to get them. Donation would then be "underpowered".

So 1 GC per zomb killed and 3 GC per human killed is fair enough i guess.

GC are very easy to get, i've already earned 1200 GC and i did not especially spend lots of time to get them.

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