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My new map


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So here i am, i made a new map :P

Name: zs_project_foxhound

Plot: It's a militairy research facility.

It had to be closed, because too many test subjects died..

The survivers arrive some month after it has been closed.

No one laid a finger on it since it has been closed, and the security system i still online.







What people will do:

Curious players will destroy the cade thats blocking the 3rd floor and activate the security system.

Lasers will be activated and maybe some players will die.

In order to get past the lasers they will have to destroy the power supply, but that will turn of the lights too.

To turn on the light again, they will have to get outside to the shed. Inside of it is a fuse box. If you press E on it,

the light will be activated again.

What you should do if you test it:

Press E on the computer in the labor.

Push the button infront of the radioactive water.

I hope you like it :o, If something is wrong with it tell me and i will change it.

When you think my map is ok, tell me and i will add spawns and its ready for the upload :D


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