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CSS resolution wont change


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So, when I installed W7 on this computer, I've had trouble since then.

When I started CSS, the resolution was automatically on the lowest possible. But when I try to change it to more better one, it leaves these black "bars" in the sides. On XP, it worked fine, but now on every resolution, it leaves those black bars.

Except on 1440x900(something like that), it doesn't, but then its all weird and blurry, like when you watch some old TV show which is made 4:3, and you stretch it to 16:9.

This makes the playing almost impossible to me.

So how can I get the resolution normal(fullscreen, no black bars, sharp picture). The "fullscreen mode" is selected.

And then, the mouse sensitivity changed too. Now its different in-game and on menu's. How can I change that?

Please ask if you didnt get something, I try to be more spesific.

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Resolution fixed, but the mouse sensitivity is still fucked up.

The sensitivity is different in-game and in buying menu and main menu.

So when I need to switch settings, I have to fasten sensitivity and when Im playing, I need to make it less-sensitive. I mean that its like really slow in menu's compared to anything.

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