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Mr.Green WoW Guild!

The Lazy Peon

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Hey boys and girls,

Me and some ZS players Discovered (Through conversation) that we all had World of Warcraft! What a Conicydink!

So the thought popped into our heads: OWAIT, MR.GREEN GUILD :3. It had to be done. It just had to...

Let it be so, that from friday, a WoW guild will be created under the name <Mr.Green>! (I've checked- It's been given the all clear by Ywa)

We plan to start on a fairly new, PvP based server (Undecided as of yet) and play as the horde (Lets face it, they are better) Obviously, it will be european based, So any Mr.Green player can join!

We will do instances, and level together. like one big happy family.

I am just posting this announcement to check how many people wished to join it: It's the best way to expand Mr.Green's clamy grasp on gaming even further!

Please leave comments and feedback, And see you online very soon!

Thanks again,

Peon :D

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