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War update

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So as I thought my feeling was right and Valve was just toying around with us, today they released the update info.

demoman is receiving a sword and a shield which basically made him into the character I love so much in every game.

the sword takes out your crits but gives speed and health and with the shield you get fire and explosion protection + the shield makes you a charger ;D

so basically.... they made the first melee class of tf2, 2melee weapons 1 nade launcher which might make me play him more.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: ow yeah soldier is getting an update to, just don't know what yet, they say it here

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But you have a sword ànd a shield.. does that mean you only get one fire-weapon? Or does the sword and shield counts as one weapon?

Sword replaces bottle, shield replaces the sticky launcher. Shield will probably not take a slot on its own, but instead will be added to your melee weapon. As stated: the shield allows for an alt-fire triggered charge. So primary fire is still for melee.

That's how I see it at least.

Also: claymore demos + huntsman snipers = medieval fortress 2.

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Also: claymore demos + huntsman snipers = medieval fortress 2.

Soon, Soldier will become Rogue Warrior, Medic will become White Mage, Engineer will be Red Mage, and Spy will be Thief. You can earn XP, and raise levels and can do quests like "Bring me 5 Bonk! Energy Drinks, by killing Scouts wearing it and picking them up."

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so mister Jane "Soldier" Doe gets a new Direct Hit rocketlauncher. Time to start practicing my aim again <.< man with this gun you can take out ever y class in 2 shots or less if you hit them AND if they're airborne you get even more damage on them. I sense qq'ing

plus it's hard to dodge 80% faster rocket, i so want it, demo sux :D

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