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Big Problem with Windows 7

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Hi, I'm getting angry.I was installing W7, everything was ok, I checked compatibility etc.

I installed the 32b version(mistake with the CDs^^") then it was at "ending installation and it rebooted.

My pc reboots, I see a new windows logo with "starting windows" under it, it disappears and...nothing happens, black screen.And it rebooted after 15 mins, and it's still black screen.

So I decided to try a booting from the cd but I didn't know what to do if I had to install again, so I just did a system chevking for booting errors, nothing found.

And now I can't go back to the boot menu, I have a list No fail mode, normal mode etc...

I can't find that cr*ppy button I pressed to go to the boot menu, now I don't ow what I'm doing.A diagnose of windows memory...

The no fail mode doesnt works, apparently it's considered still in installation.

I'm running under an Acer predator.

Also I put the custom installation (to kick that buggy vista)

I really need help.

How can I get to the booting menu of hell?!

I think I have to click on install but I can't access that damnit boot menu!

Help please!(I can't even go back to vista!)

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Urrr, I'm on my Ipod, I have to do that to make sure I didn't do mistakes because it's annoying to select the letter I want to fix (have to push, then slide the finger to the right letter, which is not obvious) but none can help me? :s I still have black screen, I unplugged the useless stuff to have the strict minimum but nothing changes :/

Oh well I abandon for today...But it's almost sure I'm dead for the holidays, will have to play on a console..

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